Friday, 5 September 2008


i will update this soon, with reading and swanage, as some sad old soul said "good things come to those who wait"

Friday, 4 July 2008

mad rambalingg i wrote on notepad bout my leaving night and shit

my leaving do!!

Welll I realise that this was proberly the best night out i've had so far so I was definatly writing this up, though really it was the music that made alot of this night which won't really be conveyed by this blog post well, this is just some hints of what hapeened so it will jog my memory when I read this. Theres been quite alot of things that has happened since the last post like this but i've forgotten them and I hate how I can't remember anything and I really liked this night so i'm writeng this now while I can be bothered to jot this down. Note to self : dont forget to write about my work leaving do which was on the last weekend of our last half term on a sunday, by recolection i think there was some partys id went in the day s running up to this but i dont really remember.... coment on this if u feel like helping me out with that.

Anyway to the matter in hamd. So I took the train to spoons and... me, Ollie, Jamie, Rich, Alice, Matty G, Biz, Oskar, Herny, Laura, Dan K and Dani were there aswell as maybe others, Matt Woods maybe? I think Rich and Alice was quite late in arriving, he nearly 4got he said. So we sat in the corner seating bit at the back of spoons and drank our selfs Read:I drank myself stupid a bit. It was really nice, quaint almost, sweet. Anyway so, Dan, Dani and Laura and some other people maybe? stayed at spoons and we moved on to the adge. we met Louis, Tim? Jack and Ian there and well I danced like crazy and almost broke my neck (couldnt move it for 3 days afterwards) :) yh music was awesome and oh, I remember dancing so crazy that the women backed out into thier own circle, which made me luarf and think " y aint u hardcore, man up, were having fun" or something along those lines, i just think that when we are all out, we all should be cool with putting up with every1's dancing. No more than that I think its sad that we cant all just have fun together, though i dont want to spoil anyones night though, so whatever i guess. This post is pretty concise as I can't remember it properly at all after like 2 weeks and I was pretty hammered. OH was hannah spooner there too? Christ this is all a bit fragmented, near the end I remember Jack telling me " In a funny way, i'm going to miss you" ? and what else. Yeah I think I made up the left hand rule thrust joke that night, its a stupid physics if you havn't heard it or that might of been the end of exams night out. I can't remember that at all now actually. Yeah, so great! i'l may or may not write this up properly/ add to it later but thts about it. It's 20 past 3 in the morning on the 4 of July. I'm going to bed and then getting the train to london down to surrey for Steph's birthday 2day... going to guilford, should be nice :) and swanage on sunday!! going with Josh K. not sure how i'm going to cope money wise, got £37 pound to my name :(


and ED REC VOL.1 rocks, lisening to it right now, it junk-punches VOL.3 so hard.

this is nice, isn't it?

Saturday, 5 April 2008

indy nighy @ the adge 4 oskars bday...

so yh, took train down 2 spoons @ roughly 8.30 hit up some drinks there, just biz was there @ first so we had a gd chat bout.. well i cant remember but twos fun,peeps came and hens made every1 start drinkin this doubble crazy shit and coke, remind me what is was, so yh fun times had by all there, left @ bout 1/2 10 and headed off 2 adge when we met up with jamie(english) and his bro johny and im guessing jonnys bird, got £ out and walked up 2 athe adge, got water or @ least some liquid srayed at us, tits got cuaght at the lights thou so we went to cuasuly kick thier car but they made it b4 we got there, carried on, go to the next pub and got a toy car phorse(lol @ spellin) chucked at us, well i say us oska said it was @ me... checked over the wall and what not and no1 was 2 b found so carried on, hang on b4 tht we were at the building site and dan made some wanker cyclers sweve by steppin into them, twos quite funny...2 b fair to him he carried on regardless without falli n ova so, fair play m8(rofs). er got in just in tie 2 the adge and it was really empty cept for the bar, deals 4 £ a shot was on so tht was probeerly y. br yh it got really gd, was sat 4 a while, biz felt a bit full fro drink (he had had a few) and stayed sat 4 a bit, i think he just wasnt into it @ the start, but it soon started geing gd, jamie took me along as a wingman at some point to these 4 'hot' girls(saw the outside laters and not so much) and then he immediatly left leavin me high and dry, they were danc iwas dancin but it was well awqaurd but i thought fuck it, its a wicked song on at the 'mo(bet you look gd on da dancefloor), im not wastin it, so i raved at up wit h them til it was finished even thou they oviously wernt interested, the 2 on opposite sides even held hands 2 cut me out, but i couldnt of care less, i was just dancin regardless, i later found out jamie left coz 1 of the gals gav 'im the 'gave over' sigal so he trotted off. anyway i was quite buggered by tht point and was going nuts, the tunes was gd, think my manic ravin put every1 off a bit, like they need to stand bck somtimes but had a gr8 time, even thou it wasnt eveery1's eggact taste every1 got well into it, oh @ when we first came in jamie clocked his adge girls, they got pretty drunk and were flirting atound with every1 agian round near the toliets, tim was so ill by this point he was just sitting in the corner on the sofa bit facedown, randoms kept rhittin im reli hard on da arse. found him outside later sitting in smokin area on the concrete post holding things, poor timmy. amyway yh Dj was the rock box dude and his m8. got well into it by the end it was as gd as the saturdays, when it finished blerbed outside bout nothings and started walking home. tim, henry and matt got a taxi. rest off us walked us had some interesting chats, in the end it was just me and dave walin for like hour and half just tlakin bout music like ed banger and justice and well all the good stuff around at the moment, turns we like alot of the same stuff, hopefully il have some1 to go to good gigs with now, oh and i apoligized bout my rant about him on this blog but thankly he totally understood, so were cool. erm yh same agian 2morrow lads..... :)

Friday, 28 March 2008

andre's bike

was at work last night and andre reakon he had a litre of vodka that had to be drunk that night and i wasnt having any of it but after work we drank this bottle of russain standard, i needed to heavily dulite the shit with lemonade ande coke and even then it was still crazy strong, andre there was just knocking it back, lukily he'd left it in the frezzer at work all night which makes it much easer to drink but still.. andre was like " its all phychological, drink it like water and tell yourself it is" the guys a nutter, in half an hour we'd done in half a litre each and the shit hadnt all kicked in yet and i was allready hammered, lea shut the place up and we still had a tiny bit left so we went round the back atwhich point he thought it would be a good idea to try a race race on this broken kids mountain bike that he bought off some child for a fiver so we did, which resulted in alot falling over and pain because you only know you were going over whbythe time you'd hit the floor. so Andre thought he would try doing backflips, which was pretty worried about but luckily he just meant throwing the bike up and spinning enough for it to land on its wheels again, so we shashed it up a bit more and then staggered home, when i woke up the next morning i think i was more pissed than when i fell asleep? anyway i didnt come in on thursday coz i couldnt make it frankly.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Katie's birthday bournmouth weekend

yh so it was my mate from work katie's birhtday weekend outing this weekend even thou her birthday is on tuesday... anyway so yh got home from skl and started packing frantickly into this tiny little suitcase i had, i cant be no more than 50x30x20 cm big. so txt her and found where her flat was, strolled up there with my suitcase after getting a bit lost and met the rest of her friends and family going with us this weekend, i was the only one form work who went, becca was ment to come but shes 17 and she didnt sort her ID out in time and she couldnt really have every1 from work coming as who'd run the bloody place and do our shifts (thanks andre and dan btw for tht, u really got me out of the shit). there was... well tbh i still cant remember thier names now but katie has tagged thier names on the pictures of the weekend on facebook so im using tht to tell u this,there was Matt, katie's bloke he dressed up as superman the first night, his twin brother luke who dressed up as a nun and mike the other nun, danny who was the youngest exept for me and he dressed up as scooby doo and shane who gave he a lift there who dressed up as a hippy

oh yeah and i dressed up as luigi :)

so yh we got to the hotel and unpacked there were 2 rooms, 3 ppl upstairs for katie, matt and someone else who was turning up on saturday. and 5 ppl downstairs for me, mike, shane, luke and danny. so we picked beds and then went downstairs for a drink and played a bit of connect 4.which i thrashed at.

yh got to know everyone a bit better, shane is the scarieest hippy in the world, hes so quiet but he like a tank. danny is a bit crazy and matt and luke had that brotherly love/hate thing going on. so we got our costumes on and laughed at each other for a bit and walked into town, in the park there was this huge like hot air boloon thing that looked like an old Victorian air boloon but it wasn't. anyway went to well i cant remember its name but it was bloody huge old pub/club place we had a few drinks, couple of cocktails, think i had a few sex on the beach, we left soon after coz it was pretty quiet in there so we headed off to walkabout, katie had some jump the q tickets so tht was a bit of a result, it was bloody packed in there, shane started getting eyed by this bloke who was looking for a fight fair enough he was dressed as a hippy but look at the size of him, he could flatten anyone. so we jumped onto the main stage and danced around,

pretty badly i might add by this point and some bloke was tring to dance with her up there with us and well nearly got beaten up by katie's bloke matt, im pretty sure its how all bar fights start, one guy does something wrong, other dude sees it and tell them to stop it, first guy cant hear what hes saying and doesnt stop, which looks like to the second guy that he ignoring what he said. anyway had some of the test tube shot things, i had a red one, they did cream and blue ones too. shane by this point was so pissed he just kept wandering off for 45 mins or so until he fell into our direction agian. so downed our drinks, found shane and strolled over to bar:me couple doors down the road, this is when personally tings got good :)

my round i some drinks and found this pole dancing area bit thing and mucked around on that,some girls over there ovously thought they copuld do it properly but if they could i cant see them getting many dances

yh so we had a couple of these lumionous lard of cortails things, really taty ackually, wish i knew what they put in them, anyway had those, played on the rally racing thing in the corner, start talkin to these two med uni students in pyjamas, they were quite cool, played a bit of the rally thing with them. yh so danced away for couple of hours. katie was suprised with how, i dunno, confident i was i guess u know rather than the quite, grumpy lookin me, with is frankly just my face, i just allways looks stern anyway. so that placed closed up and we went to the kebab/burger shop down the road, much like an up market BBQ pit... yh had these gorgous doner keban wraps with some garlic suace i think, well they were nice, whatever and we took a taxi back to the hotel.

next day i woke up bout 10 and quickly went downstairs to skof some food down before they shut the breakfast buffet. went back to bed, erm and then we went off to look around the high street. had a wagamummas resturrant there, looked quite empty though.. when we got back i went and found this tiny hairdressers as i depreately needed my hair cut, this quite polish lady did it, lokked suprisingly nice ackually and went back and go ready for to go out.

yh so not much really happened this night first of all we went to a comedy club by the beach, it was underground, and had some food there before it started, the stand up guys were all pretty crap, one of them got no luarfs at all, he was overiously a friend of the comedians who hosted it, the guy was really upset like and said something along the lines of "well you overiously all hate me," this guys seems to me to be very much like the cliche of the sad clown, on the outside he tring to make everyone luarf and have a good time where ackually on the inside he has no self confidence and he jokes are almost fueled from hi own self hatred and depression.

the last comedian was good, this old londoner who had overiosly been doing this for years, he was telling a joke about taxi drivers half way through it when a guy who had been heckling all night, heckled him, now the old guy and the heckler started to get a repoure with each other and everytime he got back to where he was in the joke he would but in by the end of it everyone was giving thier two cents, the comedian had completely lost the plot and even added an exta part on he was so mixed up it went like " dont you just hate it when the taxi beeps his horn, you get the the family out the door and into the car and started taking the bags out one by one puttin 2 in the back and then two on the rest ofthier lap, and, the part that he omprovised, and one on the roof rack, the car doent have a roof rack as this suitcase has never existed in this joke before but i put it there anyway and you step into the car and he goes, "need any helps with the bags?" overiously he said it wot hbetter clatity and comedic timing but you get the jist. in the end he just stood ther as we harrassed him with jokes and heckling he just stood there, forgetting his act and improved with the stuff we were throw at him, metaphorically not literially. yh afterwards we stayed there for a bit and had a few drink and moved onto i presume the super club of bournmouth, we'd walked past it before but from the outside it looked a bit crap with all this hippy theme in it but it turn s out the mian part of the club wa at the back so we went round the corner to the main enterance,

blah il do the rest later..

Thursday, 13 March 2008

lewis's bday shindig...

So got the 8 o'clock to cambodia and got some dough out and realised i didnt have a fucking clue where Weatherspoons was and I forgot to put credit on my phone.twat. started walking up and down the street till i found it, and when i did get there, it was just Dan Burnell and Aaron West, who frankly I have no common ground with. so we made idle chit-chat bout rugby and Dan's Buggsy Malone part till Biz, Rich, Elliot (nose) etc started turning up, chated with Ollie and Tim bout Russell Brand and his regular item, GAY!. Told Anouska she could make some money now if she really wanted to, finished my shandy,Anna was drinking this huge tankard of green alcopops. Played a bit of take it or leave it with Tom, Paul, Ollie who kept pecking me on the ear or something which was very odd, Dan Kemp, Rich and then Jess turned up looking nice, went and spoke to Chris (who from now on I shall call Parker as he was a designated driver and he did whatever Amelia told him to do, "yes me lady")and Dan Burnell and Amelia who was Sam Mills for the day as too Shauna was somebody else for the day with there bloody fake IDs. GAY! Said happy birthday to Lewis and got a V,RB and sat and chatted to these 2 girl whose names i shall never remember but 1 worked with ray in the supermarket and went to an all girls school and was forced to take critical thinking for as, but did well in all her subjects, nice bunch they were. Sat around for a bit and then had some very long awkward conversations with Louise and Laura and Biz bout a 50 lined poem of Louise and how biz once read it out at a gig, Saxafones looking cool being the only reason he plays it, Mrs Richardson told him it would be babe magnet( im not sure if he was kidding or not ask him),how laura wants a little harp and james has looked them up on ebay before for about a £10, How girls can wear each others clothes without a problem, and maybe the lowest of the low, how the best time to pick ones nose or so james was told is in the shower? and that James cant blow his nose but can sneeze, his fatal flaw he announced. After diving out of that fiasco, i got another V,RB and chatted with the new girls and Dani, whose was quite drunk by that point, and Laura. Henry got really hammered as well and started falling all over the place and was smashing shit up. went out. got mouthed off to by these 2 pikes with ' you fucking rich estates wankers living in Wemberley' which everyone was silent throughout coz wer well up for the old fisticuffs and got in line for envy and everyone had something to say to them from the other side of the road

Lewis was pretty gone by this point and was saw some of last year upper sixth in the que namly tht hot ami *bites knuckles*, paid our 4 quid and danced in fucking shitty popcorn all around us till 1 at which point most ppl had already left and so then did i and got a taxi home. Taxi guy seemed a bit aggressive about middle classes so i went along with it. When i got home right. Mum opened the door, came in, went to my room, lights didn't work, and next thing she said to me was "well i dont know what you've done but i don't know what's wrong with it." like by switching my lights on would cause not only the lights i was trying to turn on to blow but all the side lights and bathroom lights in my room which arn't on the same circuit, why the fuck is it allways my fault the silly cunt, does my fucking nut, AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

nite nite :) lol

EDIT: now that some ppl are reading this i re read it and erm have made it more coherent and a little less offensive...

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

so whats new...

yh well been ill today so id thought id update this, lewis is entering manhood tomorrow, need to ask him if its cool if i go thou, should be gd thou lots of peeps going, katie's birthday bash this weekend, hoping i dont get smacked in the chops for wearing A LUIGI COSTUME on funcy dress night, fuck it, oh and i dont know anyone there sept katie so i hope i get elong with everyone or it'll be shit, still lisening to alot of pendulum and twist 'em out, need to download pend's new album.

bought DJ mag at the weekend and says this 24 hour club is closing down this month so ima see if i can orginise going there before it closes down coz the line up looks awsome. every1's going to the adge on sat and i cant go so thts a bit shit. oh well, its just annoying coz this allways happens to moi and these are the best times to have a laugh.

oh and ive started playing animal crossing agian, really should complete the bloody thing.

check out its erm pretty good.

Friday, 8 February 2008

AAArrrggggggg!!! Homework

I bloody hate home work, I never get it done, since I started getting homework all the way back in like year 4 I bloody hated it then and even more so now. When i'm @ home I wanna do is fuck all. just sit down, go on the internet and play some games maybe. Thats it. the only time I bother doing homework is in my frees with every1 else from class. Anyway this is going nowhere, but I don't thinks its coz im lazy that i don't do it,i reckon it's just that I keep home and work and school apart, segregated or something. Bollocks to this maths shit, i'm going to sleep.

oh yeah and today right i was in toms car and this bloody cunting ginger biker stopped right in front of us in the middle of a main road and wanted to fight us coz we cut him up on a roundabout by accident. what a prick. I'm pretty sure he was well up for a fight. next time we see him he guna be out for the fuckin count il tell ya. cunt.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

its wednesday and im bored.. sue me

so what been going on, well went 2 the adge to see if ollie and the lot were ^ there on saturday, bumped into jessey (i dunno how to spell that fucking kids name) and tom form the year above, had a couple of drinks which included a very nice JD and coke slush puppie, i do recommend. oh and i saw muff, whats here name again, beth newson aswell andthen i got bored and walked home @ 12. ah and i need to start going back to the gym ready for my holiday, need to start doing jumps properly this year, and i bought my brothers godfarther, jasons, snowboard for a ton, especially good when just the board cost 400. RESULT! so yh, need to start updating this more often, oh and watched the film Juno, bout 7/10 and the running man 6/10. i watch alot of films btw.

lisening to The Cardigans "Love Fool" and The streets first album "Original Pirate Material"


Friday, 25 January 2008

I aint saying shit..

just watch it